Management Services Department

The Management Services Department (MSD) is one of the service departments in GRA. The department under the leadership of the Director provides support services on Human Resources, Administrative and Logistics and Information Technology/Management Information Systems (IT/MIS) issues.

Structure Of The Department

The Department comprises of two Units namely:

  1. Human Resources and Admin Unit
  2. Information Technology and Management Information Systems Unit


Human Resources and Admin Unit

The main objective of the Human Resources and Admin Unit is the provision of Management, Development and Administrative & Logistical support services to the GRA. The Unit is divided into 4 (four) Sections namely:

  • HR Management
  • HR Development
  • Pension, Welfare & Benefits
  • Administrative & Logistic

The Unit is mandated with the following:

  1. Formulation of clear and progressive Personnel Policies and Procedures
  2. Monitoring and advising Managers on the application of the policies
  3. Developing and promoting the use of effective and efficient recruitment processes and procedures
  4. Managing and ensuring the security of personnel records
  5. Managing the appraisal, development and career progression of employees
  6. Recommending strategies that promote Staff Motivation and Retention
  7. General administrative services that meets the needs of the Authority
  8. Promote the proper management of the Archives and Operational Records
  9. Operate an effective and efficient Transport Management System
  10. Ensure that Staff are provided suitable and well equipped/furnished Offices and Residences (where applicable)
  11. Ensure proper maintenance and security of the Authority’s properties including buildings.

Unit Vision

To transform the Authority into the country’s best employer and service delivery institution.


Unit Mission

To attract, develop and retain a workforce that is highly motivated and committed to delivering quality services, at all times and at every level.


HRM Reforms

To help achieve its strategic Vision, Mission and Goals, the HR&Admin Unit with the technical support of the World Customs Organization (WCO) under the auspices of the West African Customs Administration Modernization (WACAM) Project, developed a 6 year Human Resources Strategy 2014-2019, which is currently being implemented.

The HR Strategy is focused on the Authority’s most urgent and strategic needs. It is to help the HR & Admin Unit be more responsive to the business needs of the Authority for sustainable performance, through the acquisition of a workforce that is well trained, highly committed and motivated. The HR Strategy is meant to propel the HR & Admin Unit as a strategic partner, capable to deliver quality services that add value to the business chain.


The HR Strategy is anchored on the following 3 (three) Key Priority Result areas, which are considered the building blocks:

  1. Demonstrated capacities to act as a credible strategic partner
  2. Improved quality of recruitment-related services
  3. Improved Career management services


Information Technology and Management Information Systems Unit

The IT/MIS Unit headed by a Deputy Director, is responsible for the implementation and administration of technological solutions to support the smooth operation of GRA business goals. It aligns these solutions to the corporate goal of the Authority in providing efficient tax collection.

The Unit currently administers two major systems:

  • Asycuda++ which is used by Customs and Excise Department
  • Gamtaxnet for the administration of Domestic taxes.

Also the IT Unit provide support to other IT systems used by the Authority such as;

  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
  • IFMIS and EPICOR systems

To support increase efficiency in communications, the Unit also provides and administers internet and email services to staff of the Authority. 

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